Tummy tuck / Abdominoplasty

Tummy tuck, also known by its medical name abdominoplasty, is a popular and effective procedure regularly performed by Mr Chester.

Mr Chester has a particular interest in cosmetic surgery of the abdomen (tummy). The operation is designed to remove excess skin and to flatten the tummy by tightening the muscles in the midline. The procedure can be combined with liposuction, particularly to the sides of the tummy near the hips.

Why do patients seek abdominoplasty?

Patients frequently seek abdominoplasty due to excess skin following pregnancies or significant weight loss. Mr Chester also performs this surgery for patients who have developed separation of the midline muscles (divarication of the rectus muscles) and as part of surgery to deal with hernias.

Patients may complain of:
  • Cosmetic embarrassment in and out of clothing
  • Excess skin getting in the way during exercise
  • Rashes under excess skin
  • Discomfort and weakness in tummy muscles
  • Occasionally, back pain as a result of muscle separation
What happens during the consultation?
Mr Chester will take a medical history from you and examine your tummy. He will determine your suitability for surgery, focusing on your safety throughout. He will assess the degree of skin and muscle laxity.  Your height and weight will be measured. Mr Chester will then provide you with different options for your tummy together with explanations of benefits, limitations, risks and the likely recovery period for each procedure.
How long will I be in hospital?

You will come into hospital on the day of surgery. For a standard abdominoplasty, the hospital stay is two nights after the operation. The hospital stay varies from 1-3 nights however depending on the degree of correction required.

What happens during the operation?

The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic (put to sleep) and takes between 2.5-3.5 hours depending on the extent of the surgery required. A standard abdominoplasty involves removing excess skin, repairing a gap between the muscles and re-siting the belly button once the tummy skin is pulled down. Drains are inserted which usually are removed before you are sent home. The scarring varies according to the type of tummy tuck but normally for a standard full abdominoplasty there is a long scar low down on the tummy running from hip to hip and one that runs around the belly button.

What follow-up appointments will I need?

Mr Chester’s normal practice is to see patients to check the wounds at around 1-2 weeks following the operation and then 2 weeks later. A scar check is performed at around 6 weeks and then a final review takes place around 6 months. Additional appointments will be provided if there are any issues with wound healing. Mr Chester provides the majority of the aftercare himself so that he can reassure patients at every step of their recovery.

What is the recovery period following surgery?

You should be able to walk short distances on the first day after surgery. During the first 2 weeks, you may not be able to stand up completely straight. It is advisable that you have someone to look after you for at least the first week after surgery. Most patients need 3-4 weeks off work. You should be able to drive after 3-4 weeks. Your level of activity will slowly build up in the first 6 weeks following which you should be able to commence light exercise. A pressure garment is worn for 6 weeks after the surgery. You will find that you will tire more easily in the first few months following the surgery.

How much does an abdominoplasty cost?

There are different types of abdominoplasty and therefore costs vary depending on the type of abdominoplasty required. Fixed price packages for a standard full abdominoplasty start from £6007. An exact quote will be provided following the consultation. A fixed price package includes hospital fee, surgical fee and anaesthetic fee. 

Before and after photographs

Before and after photographs  of patients who have had  standard full abdominoplasty

Before surgery
After surgery

Other types of tummy tuck

It is important to note that there are different types of tummy tuck as one type does not suit all patients. Mr Chester will assess your needs and provide you with options. Below are examples of other tummy tucks that Mr Chester performs.

Fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty

This procedure is usually considered when patients have lost significant weight and on occasion for those who already have a long vertical scar already in the middle of their tummy. The operation is designed to reduce excess skin both vertically and horizontally and leads to a long vertical scar in addition to the scars of a standard abdominoplasty. Fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty allows removal of more skin and therefore achieves more tightening than standard abdominoplasty. Mr Chester will talk you through the options for your tummy to allow you to make the best choice for your needs. The recovery following this procedure is similar to that of a standard abdominoplasty. Patients normally stay in hospital for 3 nights.

Before surgery
After surgery
Before surgery
After surgery


Some patients have a relatively small amount of skin excess and/or muscle weakness below the belly button and would like to have a less extensive operation with a shorter recovery period. The mini-abdominoplasty is ideally-suited in this situation. Skin excess is removed but the belly button is not re-sited. Muscle repairs below the belly button can be performed.

Before surgery
After surgery

Modified bespoke abdominoplasty

The patient below liked their umbilicus and only wanted correction in the lower part of the abdomen. A type of mini-abdominoplasty was performed but supplemented with muscle repairs below the belly button. Liposuction was performed to the sides of the tummy near the hips.

Before surgery
After surgery


I had wanted a Tummy Tuck for many years, after having 4 children. I took the decision to go along to Spire Parkway Hospital for a consultation with Dr Darren Chester. His professionalism, knowledge and genuine care made me feel instantly at ease and subsequently I booked my procedure. I had a number of questions, even after my consultation (you always think of things once back at home) and Dr Chester and his secretary were always on the end of an email or phone call to put my mind at ease and to answer my questions. The procedure itself met all my expectations and more and the care from the staff and Dr Chester himself, during my stay at the hospital and with the follow up after care visits, has been exceptional. I cried when Dr Chester first removed my dressing as I was blown away with how my tummy looked and Dr Chester has a genuine care and understanding for why I wanted it done and how it made me feel. In regards to the healing process, I was surprised at how quickly I healed, the result and the confidence it gave me; my scar is as if it has been drawn on in fine pen (that’s the only way I can explain it) and I am over the moon with the transformation its given me. Dr Chester, from consultation through to the procedure and after care has been thorough, honest, professional and he is one clever man. I would highly recommend.

The time and care given by Mr Chester was amazing. I always felt like my needs and health were the most important thing and nothing would compromise that. I trusted Mr Chester’s opinion and it has paid off. The results of my tummy tuck are amazing, I can finally enjoy the results of my weight loss with the help of Mr Chester. Prior to my operation i had lost over 5 stone but was left with hanging skin. The hospital staff were great and helped me with my recovery, it was also reassuring to hear how highly the hospital staff spoke of Mr Chester.

I had spent 5 years of my life, following the birth of my 3rd child, trying to get to the bottom of why my stomach was always distended. When I finally realised it was to do with my diastasis recti, I started investigating surgery. Mr Chester was recommended to me and from the first consultation, I was convinced he was the surgeon I would want to proceed with should I decide to go ahead with the surgery. Mr Chester took the time to listen to me and my reasons for wanting the surgery, and then explained in great detail the pros and cons of going ahead with the operation (abdominoplasty) . I never felt any pressure or as if he was trying to “sell” the operation to me. Instead, what I had was a very detailed account of everything I could potentially expect to happen if I went ahead. I finally decided to go ahead with the operation, and on the morning of the surgery, Mr Chester did an amazing job of making me feel at ease, reassuring me and generally making me feel calm. His follow up care was excellent too. Mr Chester has a very warm, approachable demeanour. I am so happy I went ahead with the surgery.

For any enquiries or to book an appointment with Mr Chester please get in touch with his secretary