Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation continues to be a very popular procedure and is regularly performed by Mr Chester.

Implants are inserted with the aim of producing a significant increase in breast size and leaving relatively short scars. Generally, satisfaction following breast augmentation is high and recovery is relatively short.

Why do people have breast augmentation?
Breast augmentation is suited to patients who want to enlarge the size or increase the fill of their breasts to improve shape. Breast implants may also be used when treating developmental problems such as breast asymmetry, tuberous breasts and absent breasts (amastia).  This operation is popular in ladies who have lost breast volume after having children, breast feeding or significant weight loss. It may be combined with breast uplift surgery (augmentation mastopexy) in selected patients.
What does the consultation involve?
Careful planning is required to achieve the best possible outcome for a patient.  Mr Chester will take a medical history from you and assess your suitability for surgery. He will ask you what your own preferences are in terms of size, shape and implant choice. Mr Chester will perform a breast examination, which will involve taking measurements and checking you for breast lumps. A detailed discussion will then take place regarding the operation. There are a number of different choices to be made, which Mr Chester will carefully guide you through, so that your wishes are taken into account throughout.   He will run through the risks of surgery and discuss the recovery period.

Various considerations will need to be made, including:

  • Should the implants be placed under or over the muscle?
  • What size of implants should be used?
  • What shape and type of implants should be used?
  • Are additional procedures such as breast uplift required?
  • What effect the procedure will have on sporting activities, employment etc. ?

Following the consultation, Mr Chester will write to you summarising the discussion and will provide you with additional leaflets to supplement the information given to you during the consultation. Normally Mr Chester will see you at least once more (without charge) in clinic to discuss the options further and to finalise the operative plan. His aim is for you to be as involved and informed as possible.

How long will I be in hospital?
You will come into hospital on the day of surgery.  Patients are normally in hospital 1 night after surgery but it is possible to do this surgery as a day-case if patients prefer. 
What happens during the operation?

Breast enlargement is performed under general anaesthetic (put to sleep) and takes around 1-1.5 hours to perform. Relatively short incisions (cuts in the skin) around 5cm long are made close to the folds underneath the breasts. Pockets are then created either under or over the muscle depending on the patient’s build and choice.  Mr Chester frequently uses temporary sizing implants during surgery to confirm the optimum size.  This sizing implant is removed and then the definitive implants are then inserted.  The wounds are closed with dissolving sutures and shower-proof dressings are applied.

What is the recovery period following breast augmentation?
Patients are advised to take at least 1-2 weeks off work following this procedure. You should be able to exercise fully after 6 weeks, although Mr Chester advises that heavy upper body exercises are avoided for 3 months, particularly when implants are placed under the muscles. Mr Chester advises that you wear a sports bra day and night for 6 weeks following the operation. Swelling is common after surgery and usually settles in the first 6 weeks. It will take time for the implants to settle into their final position.

Mr Chester normally sees patients following breast augmentation at around 1-2 weeks, 6 weeks and then 6 months post-operatively. Mr Chester provides most, if not all, of the aftercare himself as he likes to personally review his patients and offer reassurance at all stages.

How much does breast augmentation cost?

Fixed price packages start from £5586. An exact quote will be provided following the consultation. A fixed price package includes the hospital fee, surgical fee, anaesthetic fee and implant costs.

Before and after photographs

Here are some examples of patients  who have breast augmentation performed by Mr Chester.

Patient 1

26-year-old lady 330cc round implants inserted partly under the pectoral muscles (dual plane).

Before surgery – bra size 34B
10 months after surgery – bra size 34DD

Patient 2

34-year-old lady 300cc tear-drop shaped implants inserted partly under the pectoral muscles

Before surgery – bra size 32A
8 months after surgery – bra size 32D

Patient 3

39-year-old lady 330cc round implants inserted partly under the pectoral muscles (dual plane)

Before surgery – bra size 34B
8 months after surgery – bra size 34D 

Patient 4

38-year old lady 235cc teardrop (anatomical implants) inserted partly under the pectoral muscles (dual plane)

Before surgery – bra size 32A
8 months after surgery – bra size 32D

Patient 5

35 year old lady 390cc round implants inserted on top of the pectoral muscles (subglandular)

Before surgery – bra size 34B
4 months after surgery – bra size 34DD

Patient 6

42-year-old lady 270cc teardrop (anatomical) implants inserted partly under the pectoral muscles (dual plane)

Before surgery – bra size 32A bra
8 months after surgery – bra size 32D


I have written and rewritten this review several times and non of them do my experience justice.

I waited 20 years to find the right Consultant and Surgeon. Mr. Chester is amongst the elite is his profession. Mr. Chester, is professional, knowledgable and realistic. Refreshingly, Mr. Chester is clearly not in this industry purely for financial gain.

It was apparent throughout my experience he has a commitment to helping people and more importantly doing this whilst offering excellent care, sharing knowledge and allowing his patients to be heard and reassured. My breast augmentation has increased my bra size by two cup sizes and I am absolutely thrilled with the results.  My one regret?! I didn’t do it sooner. I would recommend him with absolutely no hesitation.

I had my breast augmentation just short of a year ago. As a young woman trying to choose a surgeon for such a life changing surgery can seem somewhat daunting – but I am absolutely certain that I made a fantastic choice with Darren Chester.

He had multiple consultations with myself, talking me through the process and explaining every aspect in great detail so that I was extremely well educated on my decision of surgery. I was always made to feel comfortable and Darren listened very carefully to my wants and needs whilst advising me accordingly on implant shapes and sizes. The results were better than I could have ever imagined due to the skill and efforts of Mr. Chester. This has finally given me the confidence to wear what I like and partake in activities with friends such as swimming and holidays abroad; something I could have never imagined doing! The aftercare and overall service I received was absolutely wonderful. Any questions I had were always answered to the fullest extent.

Mr. Chester was always very quick at responding to me and made the whole process smooth and simple, I felt reassured at every stage. I cannot recommend Darren enough.

I genuinely could not recommend Mr Chester enough.

I underwent a breast enlargement and from start to finish he was professional, caring and extremely helpful. He was informative and wanted what the best was for me. He was not pushy and helped me gauge an idea of the best size for me. His after care was amazing. I am so happy with my procedure and there is nothing I would have changed. The scars are so small and light (hardly noticeable whatsoever).

If you are thinking of having this procedure done – do not even look any further, Mr Chester is your man.

For any enquiries or to book an appointment with Mr Chester please get in touch with his secretary