Removal of mole/skin lesion/skin cancer

Mr. Chester combines over 10 years experience of assessing skin lesions (moles etc.) with removal of these lesions in the most cosmetically acceptable way.

Whilst scars are unavoidable, an experienced surgeon can minimise the impact of a scar by designing it in the best direction (in natural lines/skin creases) and using fine suture (stitching) techniques.

Mr. Chester is regularly referred patients by both GPs, General Surgeons and Dermatologists. He is registered with all major medical insurance companies.

Some scars despite the best efforts become unsatisfactory. This is usually down to the patient’s genetic make-up or the location of the scar. If a thick, red, lumpy scar forms (hypertrophic/keloid scar) Mr. Chester is experienced in the management of such scars.

Mr. Chester sends all moles for laboratory analysis to complement the clinical diagnosis.

Please click on this link to download Mr. Chester’s information leaflet on having moles removed: Skin lesion information sheet

If you would like advice following skin lesion/mole removal, please click on this link: Advice following minor procedure