Breast reduction

Medical name
Reduction mammaplasty

Indications (reasons for surgery)
Physical problems e.g. back ache, neck ache, painful heavy breasts, shoulder pains, bra straps digging in, rashes under breasts. Cosmetic embarrassment. Breast asymmetry.

General description
This procedure carries very high satisfaction rates due to the relief of functional symptoms.
It is carried out under general anaesthetic.

These can vary according to the procedure undertaken. There is always a scar running around the areola (the pigmented area just outside the nipple) and one running vertically downwards beneath the areola. Depending the size of the breasts and the needs of the patient there may also be a scar that runs in the fold underneath the breast. The latter leads to an anchor-shaped scar.

Post-operative stay
Usually 1-2 days

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