Breast enlargement/implants

Medical name
Breast augmentation

Reasons for surgery
Asymmetry, desire for larger breasts, following treatment for breast cancer, congenital/developmental breast deformity e.g. tuberous breasts

Usually 5cm long in the skin crease immediately below the breast. Occasionally placed in other areas e.g. around nipple

General description
This is a very popular cosmetic surgery procedure with high patient satisfaction rates. The implant is may be placed under the breast or under the muscle depending on patient build and choice.

Breast implants
The most commonly-used implants in the UK are silicone gel implants. Breast implants are safe and there is no evidence that they cause disease. Whilst they do not last forever modern implants can be left in for many years without requiring exchange. If you have sufficient breast/skin thickness the implant can be placed under the breast tissue. If you are very slim or have minimal breast tissue, the implant may need to partially placed under the muscle. The size of implants that can be used is dictated by a number of factors which include the existing dimensions of your breast, skin laxity and patient choice.

Implants can be round (of varying profiles and projections) or teardrop shaped (anatomical). Mr. Chester also uses the new Nagor Impleo implants which have more gel fill to allow high projection with less chance of visible rippling.

Mr. Chester tailors the choice of implant, both size and shape, to the exact dimensions of the his patients. He offers breast enlargement under the muscle or the under the breast tissue.

“Patients who wish to have breast augmentation should be fully involved in the decisions regarding choice of implant and the technique used. Satisfaction from this procedure is gained by the surgeon meeting the patient’s expectations rather than performing a standard breast enlargement for everyone”.

Post-operative stay
Mr. Chester prefers to keep patients in for one night post-operatively to allow adequate pain relief and monitoring by experienced nursing staff.

Patient photographs

Patient 1 before surgery - slim patient

Patient 1 after enlargement with round implants placed partly under the muscle for a more natural result

Patient photographs (please click on the images below to enlarge)

[caption id="attachment_342" align="alignnone" width="243" caption="Patient 1 - Pre-operative photo, very slim"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_343" align="alignnone" width="243" caption="Patient 1 following augmentation with round implants inserted partly under the muscle"][/caption]