For cosmetic consultations, Mr. Chester charges an initial consultation fee of £100. A new consultation usually lasts for about 40 minutes.

If further consultations are required before cosmetic surgery are required, no further charges are made. Mr. Chester’s aim is to provide a detailed assessment with a full explanation of each procedure in an unpressurised manner. Mr. Chester wants you to be in control and to only go through with surgery when you are absolutely certain.

For further information on fees e.g. for patients seeking non-cosmetic procedures, please click on the link below labelled “Fee guide”.

Fee guide

Surgical fees

An approximate cost for the procedure of interest can be given prior to consultation (see contact us). Whilst this is usually accurate, an exact price can only be given following a consultation.

Post-operative consultations

Post-operative consultations are free of charge in the first 12 months following cosmetic surgery procedures.