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Regional Plastic Surgery Unit Moves Hospital

1 July 10


Queen Elizabeth Hospital BirminghamMr. Chester works at the prestigious West Midlands Regional Plastic Surgery Unit. This was previously based at Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham but has now moved to Birmingham’s “new super hospital” with state-of-the-art facilities. The hospital boasts the largest Intensive Care Unit in Europe

Mr. Chester recommends “Rice Test”!

12 May 10

To aid your choice of breast implant, a simple test can be conducted. Mr. Chester can take measurements of your chest and supply you with a list of suitable implant sizes. To assess each size, simply cut off part of a leg of from an old pair of tights and fill it with uncooked rice to the desired volume. This can be measured in a standard measuring jug. Then tie a knot in the tights. Your home made implants can be tried in a bra of your choice in your different outfits. This technique gives patients more choice and involvement in the decision process.

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